Wineries, Tasting Rooms, Event Spaces and Micro-Breweries

As rural businesses continue to locate and grow in Loudoun County, O'Neil Architects has seen an increase in design and construction of these unique spaces. We welcome the opportunity to work with rural businesses, including wineries, micro-breweries, wedding and event venues, distilleries, creameries, art studios, and others, to turn your business ideas into building designs that will draw people to your location and enhance their experience in the Loudoun countryside.

We work with our winery clients in several different ways, depending on their needs.  Sometimes we simply act as a design consultant to develop a master plan.  For others we work in the more traditional roles of architect, owner and general contractor, where we design the project with the owner and identify the contractor through a bid process.  We have also worked as part of a full service design-build team on some winery projects.